Martial Life Gear Weapons Bag


Martial Arts All in One Training bag with adjustable straps to fit all your gear perfectly.


Martial Arts All In One Weapon Training Bag
Finally a Martial Arts Bag that holds everything.
All-in-One Martial Arts bag
Holds all your weapons / personal items / water bottle / gi
You can customise it, to the way YOU want, with movable Velcro straps.
No need for extra back pack!
ID pocket.
80mm Velcro dot for school patch.
Size:  115cm x 40cm x 10cm
Special Velcro pocket on back for wallet/keys.
Thick padding to protect your gear.


Includes Australia Wide Shipping via Sendle or Australia Post depending on location.

Disclaimer:  Martial Life Gear training weapons are made to a high standard and are considered safe when used correctly and with common sense. Ensure an adult is present when training, and under the guidance of a qualified Martial Arts instructor. Martial Life Gear waves any responsibility for injury received from misuse of our weapons. Note:  It is good practice to inspect all weapons for any damage before any training begins.


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Martial Life Gear Weapons Bag
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