Senior Instructor:  Glen Ancrum Bujinkan Shihan.
Instructor: Darren Asser, Sandan. 


Sensai Glen

Senior Instructor:  Glen Ancrum Bujinkan Shihan. 

Experience 25+ years, including Jujitsu, Karate, Aikido, and mainly Bujinkan Ninjutsu.

  1. Richard Dimitri – “The Shredder’s Cutting Edge” and “Walk the Talk” (2009 Brisbane)
  2. Kapap – Knife & Edged Weapon Defensive Measures Course (Feb 2011 Brisbane)
  3. Jissen Dojo’s International – Tanto Jutsu workshop (April 2011 Brisbane)
  4. Kapap – Street Survival & Tactical Concepts Training Course (July 2011 Brisbane)
  5. Israeli Special Forces Krav Maga (2012 Brisbane)
  6. Ray Floro – “Edged Weapons Defense Course” (2013 and 2014 Gold Coast)
  7. Phil Legare – Shinken Taijutsu Modern Combatives (2014 Adelaide)
  8. Paul Cale – Level 1 (July 2015 Gold Coast)
  9. Paul Cale – Level 2&3 (October 2015 Gold Coast).

Received Shodan for Bujinkan Ninjutsu in 2002 and believe in having a strong focus on realistic self defense for today’s world. Travels to Japan every couple of years with fellow instructors / students for further training from the high ranked Shihan and Grand Master of the Bujinkan.

Passed my 5th degree Shidoshi level in Oct 2015 and look forward to continuing my studies in this art for the rest of my life. Granted Judan 10th Degree by Nagato Sensai in Japan, Oct 2017 with 2 good friends and fellow instructors who also have their own schools in South East QLD, Raymond Parker in Rochedale, and Dean Hensley in Mansfield.  Combined we come under the banner of Sanshin Dojos.

• Holder of Blue Card, working with children  • Shooters Lic A,B,H. • Misc Weapons Lic M.   • Licenced Armed Security Guard  • Member of Southport Indoor Pistol Club.

Sendai Darren

Instructor: Darren Asser, Sandan. 

Experience 15+ years mainly Bujinkan Ninjutsu.

Started Ninjutsu about 1985 trained under Sensei Roy and Lorry Fields

Received green belt 9th then stopped moved to country returned to Brisbane 1991 didn’t start ninjutsu again until 2011 / 2012.  Did a few lessons with Sensei Jamie at Beenleigh, then found Sensei Glen at Nerang, on the Gold Coast.    Since then I have been training with Glen almost twice a week from then to now / due to Sensei Glens training I have been able to travel to Japan for further training and have achieved my 1st Dan black belt.  Now working towards improving myself and my Art with Sensei Glen’s guidance for as long as I can into the future.  It’s not about the belts it’s about the life long journey.

Sensei Darren received his 2nd Dan in June 2018 and his 3rd Dan in Dec 2021.

2024 – Sensei Darren is running a training group in Townsville training on Sunday afternoons at 3pm.


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