Membership and Fees

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Class and equipment costs etc. (to be revised on Re-opening)

Lesson Fees:  We are currently charging a monthly fee of $52 to be set up as an auto transfer at the start of each month.  Which covers 1 class per week for the month.

Yearly membership fee is $120.00 which includes

Free Black Gi (uniform) for new students, when the fee paid within the first month of training. (not including tabi boots)

• Club insurance
Membership card
• First grading belt
• Grading Certificate
• Discounts on training equipment via Martial Life Gear.

Class’s currently suspended for the next couple of months and setup our new home dojo.

Private classes are also available if time permits but prefer students to train in general class with other students.

Uniforms and Equipment

The uniform required is a black light weight Gi (martial arts uniform), and a black t-shirt is to be worn underneath your gi.  We also wear tabi boots but normal sports shoes can be worn to start with. The Gi, weapons and protective gear can be purchased through our school or you can purchase it yourself.  I make most of the weapons we use so we can keep the prices down and also provide quality equipment that will last.

Tabi boots can be purchased at martial arts shops or online at in Sydney or RMA at Mt Gravatt QLD.  Sports shoes or just socks are fine to start with.

We use weapons almost every class so a basic weapons training kit is available for purchase through the school.   This gives you the basic training weapons to train with at home and in class.  This also includes the unique customised weapon bag designed by Martial Life Gear to suit our needs.

Our dojo has a friendly atmosphere and everyone has the same respect given no matter what rank or background they have.  All our students have a very good heart & attitude and training is both effective, yet safe.  You will find in most classes that you will learn both unarmed techniques and well as weapons training, we also cover basics, edged weapon defense, scenario training etc.

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