What do you want from a Martial Art?


We are not trying to make Ninjutsu out to be the best as there is NO best art, it all comes down to the following key questions which you need to ask yourself with the help from an experienced instructor.

Some General Questions

What do you want from a Martial Art?
Self defense, wide variety of skills, confidence, situational awareness, and to be a better person. If you want these things we can help you achieve them but ultimately its up to you.

What level of fitness is required and what is YOUR level?
Fitness is more of a personal thing, and you don’t need to have a high level for this art.  However the higher commitment level (the more training you do) your fitness level will naturally increase over time. We do include a small amount of Cardio, but if you put the effort in to improve you own fitness, this will definitely help your journey in this art and life itself.

Are you after a quick fix, and expect it for only take a couple months?
Yes you will pick up some quick self defense skills, but to learn any Martial Art proficiently takes time, dedication and commitment.

Short time-based skills do not give you self-confidence.  We offer the benefits of a traditional Martial Art along with a modern street combat syllabus that will give you the tools to survive the modern world.  A true survival skillset is achieved through regular ongoing commitment.

Are you interested in weapons or mainly unarmed?
Unfortunately, most of todays attacks involve weapons of some sort and result in serious injury or even death. Usually a knife or blunt object is common, so we teach defence against real world threats. We also cover traditional weapons, concealable blades, sticks, throwing and improvised weapons, and of course unarmed defence.

Why are you looking for a Martial Art?
Your answer to this will change many times in your life time, depending on age, gender, interests, friends etc and you will have to answer this for yourself but most of all be honest when doing so.  We would like to discuss the answer to this question with you personally.

Disclaimer:  Parts of this information is from online sites including Wikipedia and some are personal views / interpretations.  There is no intention to be negative towards any of the individual arts. It is provided here to be general information only for the benefit of readers.We respect all arts and have the view that there is no perfect art.  It is recommended for all students to find the art that suits there own personal needs, preferences, fitness levels, and interests.

What are the differences between one Martial Art and another?
Not all Arts appeal to everyone, its very helpful to check out a few before you sign up.  Make the most of the Try before you Buy option. Most schools will allow you to watch or have a free lesson to see how you like it. Take up the offer.  There are many differences so experience a class and do some research, talk to the instructors.  Please be aware there is a difference between a Sports Martial Art and a Combat Martial Art.

Can you give a level of commitment to learn, or do you loose interest quickly.

Commitment is a two way street. We want you to learn, and can support you all the way with tailored programs to guide you to success.  Your commitment through ongoing regular training is important for success.  The time, the training, and the respect you dedicate to this art will be well rewarded.


AIKIDO Considered a modern non aggressive Japanese martial art, using technique and movements that are flowing / harmonising, similar so some our movements.

Judo/Jujitsu Uses throws / takedowns then controlling the opponent with locks and pins and originally used against armed / armoured opponents and also now a sport (judo) in the Olympics.

Karate Karate is now predominantly a striking art using punching, kicks, knees, elbows and open-hand.  Involves competitions / tournaments and kata and also in the Olympics.

Krav Maga Hand to hand system from Israel including grappling and striking techniques.  Generally not considered an Art as it has no history or linage like other Martial Arts.

Kung Fu Includes many different Kung Fu styles developed in China,  like Wing Chun, Eagle Claw, Praying Mantis etc.  Often uses circular motions, and detailed hand movements and traditional Chinese weapons.

Mixed Martial Arts Full contact sport covering a wide variety of styles including striking, grappling. Mainly for competition with very little tradition.

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